QuotesWhereas, KTKK and talk radio is the symbol of free speech, where people can openly talk about the issues in a free society.19278-200

Official Proclamation; Palmer A. DePaulis, Mayor Salt Lake City. 4th of May, 1990

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The Third Oldest Talk Radio Station in America… with over a 50-year legacy.

KMOX, 1120 AM in St. Louis, Missouri, and KABC, 790 AM in Los Angeles — adopted an all-talk show format in 1960, and both claim to be the first to have done so. KABC station manager Ben Hoberman and KMOX station manager Robert Hyland independently developed the all-talk format. KTKK, 630 in Salt Lake City, then known as KSXX, adopted a full-time talk schedule in 1965 becoming the third station in the country to have done so. KSXX started with all local talent, and KTKK today has a larger portion of its schedule featuring local talent than most other stations that run a full schedule of talk. On May 1, 2017 KTKK moved to a new tower and frequency becoming KBJA 1640AM.

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